What to Look For in an Apartment When Planning a Family



If you’re looking for a new apartment, you might want to consider what the future will hold. Picking a place that’s good for you now is a must, but you can also prepare for the future by considering what your household will look like in a few years. This will stop you from needing to move home again and pay the associated costs. In this article, we look at what features you should look for in an apartment when planning a family in the near future. 

Space available

If you’re planning to have children, you’ll need to find somewhere that has enough space for your whole family. A baby might seem small, but all of the things they need are bulky and take up lots of space. You will need extra storage for things like a pushchair, high chair, cot and all of the toys that your child will want to play with. Think about the space in each apartment you look at practically, prioritising larger rooms and extra built-in storage space. 

Close to childcare 

Before you know it, you will be going back to work and will need help with childcare; even if you don’t decide to go back to work, having a nursery close by can help your child to socialise and learn vital skills. Take a look at the childcare options available in each area you’re considering buying or renting an apartment. Make sure you look at the reviews as well as the availability; you’ll want to choose quality child care that other parents recommend.

Access to green space 

Parks and other green spaces are a must when you have young children; you can take them to the park to let off steam and run around. A child-friendly park on your doorstep can be a great selling point for a property or a reason to put that apartment higher on your rental list. Always take a look around the local area before making your decision; this way, you can find any local parks and areas that are suitable for children.

Crime rates 

You might be happy to stay in an area with a higher crime rate when living alone or with your partner; however, when you have a child, you will want to find somewhere that’s safer for them to grow up in. When searching in Hong Kong to rent an apartment, you will have lots of options varying significantly in price; a great way to figure out which area is safest is to look at the crime rate statistics and also walk around and get a feel for the area yourself. In addition, you can ask people in the local area if they’ve ever had issues with crime.

Local shops and services

Having local shops and services will make your time with children in your new apartment much easier. If you can simply walk to the local shop to fetch a few groceries or necessities rather than driving thirty minutes, you will find running errands much easier. Look around the local area and figure out what shops and services there are before committing to renting or buying an apartment. 

Noise level 

Children and babies are hard to convince to sleep at the best of times; the last thing you need is a noisy neighbour or a local pub or nightclub waking your children up in the middle of the night. Consider the potential noise of the place you’re thinking about renting or buying. If possible, try to speak to the previous owners or renters to get a good idea of what the current neighbours are like and if there has ever been an issue with noise. 

There are several things you should consider when renting or buying a property. In this article, we have gone through some things you should consider if you’re planning a family in the near future. The main points to remember are to find somewhere that’s safe and has a low crime rate, opt for an apartment with more storage space and larger rooms and research the local area; somewhere that’s close to shops, services, and childcare will be helpful for easier family life.