Tips for Filling Empty Space in Your Kitchen



The kitchen has long been considered the heart of the home. A place for preparing meals, family conversation and entertaining guests, it's easy to see why so many of us spend most of our time in the kitchen. 

For those with a little extra kitchen space, assigning a purpose to it can be a tricky task; after all, we all want our homes to be pleasant and functional. With that in mind, here are some helpful suggestions for transforming your empty kitchen space. 

Hot Beverage Station 

A hot beverage station is a perfect addition to a busy kitchen that sees plenty of guests. Making a hot drink while other family members are busy cooking and cleaning is a recipe for disaster, so having a separate area for tea and coffee facilities is an excellent solution to getting under one another’s feet. You also have the convenience of all your components being in one place, so consider adding a small countertop or side table big enough for your coffee machine, kettle, tea bags and mugs. 

Extra Storage

You can never have too much kitchen storage, particularly if you have a sizable family. Finding enough room for the weekly mountain of shopping can be a challenge, so it could be worth installing extra cupboards or even purchasing an additional fridge for drinks and condiments. Alternatively, you may just want somewhere attractive and convenient for placing labelled mason jars containing dry ingredients such as oats, pasta and rice. 

Reading Nook

Extra space in any room can be transformed into a reading nook with the addition of a bookshelf and somewhere comfortable to sit. Suppose you have a bay window or empty corner that isn’t quite large enough for a substantial dining area. In that case, you could add a cushioned window seat or ottoman and built-in shelving. To keep things aligned with a kitchen environment, you could even use your reading nook to store recipe books. 

Study/Office Area

Since 2020, many professionals are either choosing to work from home full-time or opting for a hybrid working approach; therefore, a suitable home office space is essential. Unfortunately, not everybody has the luxury of a spare room that can be used for this purpose. If you’d prefer not to create a permanent office space in your kitchen, you could install a wall-mounted desk that can be used throughout the day and folded away at “home time”. 

Breakfast Bar

Large kitchens benefit highly from a breakfast bar. Not only do these free-standing units fill awkward empty spaces, but they provide a functional countertop that can be used for various purposes. If your kitchen doesn’t have space for a traditional breakfast bar, you could make your own, with a small table and carver dining chairs to create a laid-back, informal dining space, perfect for breakfast, lunch and casual dinners. 

Kitchen Garden

Every budding chef and enthusiast of fresh, flavourful cuisine needs their very own kitchen garden. With an outdoor garden, you may benefit from space and abundant natural light, but your crops are at the mercy of unpredictable weather conditions. On the other hand, with an indoor vertical kitchen garden, you can grow a wide variety of herbs, vegetables and fruit with the help of grow lamps during darker months for year-round fresh nutrition. 

Seating Area

When in doubt, add more seating. Any busy household benefits from an abundance of chairs, sofas, beanbags and pouffes. Consider filling your empty space with two small armchairs, separated by a coffee table, to create a cosy nook for catching up with friends or just putting your feet up whilst waiting for your dish to cook. Add a few embellishments, such as a rug, a lamp and knitted throws, to make your seating area seem extra inviting. 

Wine Rack

Why have a wine cellar when you can store your wine within arms reach, right in your kitchen? Enthusiasts of all things grape-related love to display their collections so they can regale guests with their extensive wine knowledge. Consider purchasing a sizable wine console or free-standing cabinet to house your precious beverages. You could even opt for a wall-mounted display featuring a wine glass rack to keep your vessels dust-free and crystal clear.