Pomerol Wine Food Pairings



Pomerol is made in the Bordeaux region of France; it uses 90-100% Merlot wine grapes to create a spectacular wine that’s only produced in small batches. If you’re buying a bottle of Pomerol, you know the unique qualities this wine has to offer and how many collectors highly value it. A good Pomerol needs to be properly appreciated and paired with the right selection of food to bring out the best qualities of the wine. In this article, we take a look at Pomerol food pairings so you can create the perfect feast for this delicious wine.

A fine cut of steak

Pomerol wine deserves to be served with the very best food; the wine itself is very luxurious and expensive, so it should be treated with respect. Pomerol is made from 90-100% Merlot grapes, giving it a rich, decadent flavour with notes of dark cherry. This full-bodied wine will be enhanced by the meaty, rich flavours of a prime cut of steak served with the very best potato and vegetable side dishes. Best served on a special occasion, such as an anniversary, to celebrate a success, or a milestone birthday, for a meal you’re unlikely to forget. 


Wine and cheese are a classic combination of flavours, and Pomerol wine can work fantastically with some cheeses. Some soft cheeses can be problematic, but the flavour combinations that work well with Pomerol wine include Camembert and Chaumes cheese. Chaumes cheese is a soft French cheese with a smooth, supple texture; it has a full-bodied nutty flavour that works well with the full-bodied richness of Pomerol wine. A great way to enjoy this fantastic wine is to relax in the evening, sipping wine and eating a snack of cheese and crackers. 


Chicken can work well if you’re looking for a lighter dish you can enjoy with Pomerol wine. Choose an earthy chicken dish that perhaps includes mushrooms and other earthly flavours. This will complement the richness of your Pomerol wine well, bringing out the earthy tones of the wine to create a synergy of flavours on your palate. Chicken might not be your first choice for a rich Merlot-based wine, but it can work beautifully if you choose the right chicken dish. 

Gamey meats 

All gamey, rich meats pair well with Merlot-based wines such as Pomerol. You simply can’t go wrong with this flavour combination. The meat's richness and strong wild flavour of the meat match full-bodied wines such as Pomerol perfectly. In fact, you’ll struggle to find a Pomerol wine and gamey meat dish that doesn’t work together. Examples of gamey meats include; venison, bison, pheasant, rabbit and guinea fowl. If you’re looking for a special rich meal that’s full of flavour, try serving gamey meat with a bottle of fine Pomerol wine.

On its own

All great wines can be enjoyed as a part of a meal or on their own. Pomerol wine is no different; when you’ve invested in a prestigious bottle of expensive wine, you might want to enjoy it alone. Pairing it with food can enhance the flavour, but it can also disguise the flavour and make it hard to distinguish it from the food items served on your plate. Drinking it alone without any food will allow you to truly taste all of the flavours and subtleties of the wine itself. Open a bottle of Pomerol wine for a special occasion and enjoy the rich, full-bodied flavour of the wine by itself. 

When it comes to pairing Pomerol wine, finding information online can be challenging as this wine is very special. However, as Pomerol wine is a full-bodied red wine made primarily from Merlot grapes, you can pair it with many of the same dishes you would choose for a good quality full-bodied Merlot. Any rich meaty, or game dishes will complement the decadent flavours to create a beautiful combination on the palate. In addition, the right cheese will work wonders when paired with Pomerol wine. If you prefer to appreciate the flavours of the wine alone, you can do this; Pomerol wine is a delicious drink to sip whilst enjoying a celebration or a get-together with your closest friends.