How to Organise Your Wardrobe



For lovers of fashion, an overcrowded, disorganised wardrobe can be disastrous. Deciding on what to wear is made all the more difficult when facing a chaotic jumble of mismatched garments. 

Maintaining a sense of order, for some, is often easier said than done; however, a well-organised wardrobe can not only make you look better, but it can make you feel fantastic. Here are some tips for keeping your wardrobe in check. 

Empty and Clean

First thing’s first - you need to know what you’re working with. Empty the contents of your wardrobe and give the whole thing a good clean. Clothes stored in overcrowded environments for long periods of time tend to procure a stale, musty smell, particularly if they’ve been put away when they’re not 100% dry. Deep cleaning your wardrobe will give your clothes a fresh, sweet-smelling place to reside. 


We’re all guilty of hanging onto garments that either no longer fit or align with our style. Instead of hoarding these pieces “just in case”, let them go. If you’re struggling to part with your long-forgotten items, consider making three piles - a pile of clothes to keep, a pile to donate/sell and a pile of “maybes”. If you don’t wear anything in the “maybe” pile within the next thirty days, to charity they go. 

Invest In Quality Hangers

A fantastic piece of advice many fashion gurus will give you is to invest in suitable quality hangers. Velvet hangers, available from most department stores, will prevent your clothes from slipping off and becoming lost in the depths of your wardrobe - not to mention they look decidedly sophisticated. For heavier garments, opt for sturdy wooden hangers that are less likely to bend over time. 

Organise By Category 

The key to building excellent outfits is to have all your options readily available. Organise your garments into categories so you know exactly where everything is, making the morning routine speedy and straightforward - this is particularly beneficial if you’re keen on maintaining a capsule wardrobe. Organising by category also helps you compare similar items, making eliminating things you don’t want easier. 

Organise By Colour

Another great method of organisation is categorising your clothes by colour so you can coordinate your outfits perfectly. For those passionate about colour blocking, organising your wardrobe by colour allows you to experiment with complementary and contrasting hues to create bold, statement outfits. It might also help you with your next shopping trip by highlighting tones that are missing from your collection. 

Store Knitwear Correctly

High-quality cashmere knitwear can be remarkably durable, lasting for generations when cared for and stored correctly. Due to its fine nature, hand-wash your cashmere knitwear, then lay it flat in an airing cupboard until completely dry. Storing your cashmere garments on hangers may cause them to warp and stretch, so instead, store them folded in a drawer or on a shelf. You could even purchase cashmere clothing bags for extra quality protection and longevity. 

Space-Saving Options

Although we’d all love an extra-large luxury walk-in wardrobe, sadly, we all have to settle with what is available, which may be a wardrobe and a few sets of drawers. For extensive clothing collections, space-saving options such as multi-layer hangers and canvas wardrobe organisers can help you fit more into your limited space while keeping everything beautifully organised. 

Shoe Storage

Shoe storage can be tricky - these accessories take up a lot of space and can’t be neatly folded away. Many of us are guilty of throwing our shoes into the bottom of our wardrobes haphazardly; however, hanging shoe storage will keep your items of footwear fresh and accessible. It may also be worth keeping your designer shoes in their boxes to protect them from dust, sunlight and extreme temperatures. 


Throwing your jewellery into trinket boxes will only result in tangled necklaces and broken clasps. Using a jewellery organiser is a great way to keep your pieces safe, accessible and in order. For other accessories such as scarves, socks and belts, adjustable drawer dividers and inserts are fantastic solutions for keeping your items neat and tidy. Additionally, to avoid your hats becoming crushed and misshapen, hang them on over-door hooks.